VIETNAM MINING AND METALLURGY TECHNOLOGY JSC was established in 2009, derived from Vietnam Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy with initial chartered capital of 32 billions VND.

Capturing the growing demand of construction market, in 2009 VMMT decided to build lime kiln system and lime/calcium carbonate/dolomite crushing factory in Hanam – Vietnam. In July 2009, the factory started operation with quick lime output reached 2,400 tons per month, crushing machines capacity reached 10,000 tons per month (including lime powder and calcium carbonate powder)

VMMT products are appreciated by customers about the quality, stability and reasonably price. The output of VMMT was not enough for the domestic market. To ensure adequate supply of lime for domestic market in 2010, VMMT built another lime kiln system in Thainguyen – Vietnam with capacity of 4,000 tons per month.

In additional, perceiving the increasing demand of lime and dolomite in international market, at the beginning of 2011, VMMT has broaden production to supply overseas. VMMT could meet the demand of customers by the staffs who have a thorough knowledge of lime and dolomite and professional exporting skills. Along with rising export volume, VMMT has built an additional lime and dolomite kiln system in Ninhbinh with capacity of 5,000 tons per month. This kiln system can easily convert into dolomite kiln because of the huge dolostone resouces here. By the increasing in output of lime lump and dolomite lump, the output of lime and dolomite powder was also increased. In early June 2013, VMMT purchased the second crushing line with high capacity in Bac Giang - Vietnam making the total capacity of crushed products to 20,000 tons per month. Crushed products are stored in 200 tons silos, jumbo bags and 02 tankers to ensure the product quality stability and delivery on time to customers.