On March 02nd, 2015, Department of Construction issued the Dispatch No.169/SXD-KT&VLXD about performing the plan to terminate producing bricks, tiles by Manual kiln, Circle kiln and VSBK technology in Bac Giang area.

The Dispatch confirmed that by the end of 2015, all production facilities of bricks which has manual kiln, circle kiln and VSBK in all districts, cities of Bac Giang province must terminate production according to the specified plan in Decision No.1410/QD-UBND dated October 11th 2012; Plan No.2155/KH-UBND dated September 19th 2012 of the President of People ‘s Committee of  Bac Giang province.

To make sure to carry out the proposed route, Department of Construction request People’s Committee of all districts, cities in Bac Giang province perform the contents below:

- To check the production facilities of  brick and tiles by manual kiln, circle kiln, VSBK technology which have to terminate the production prior to December 31th, 2015 as defined in the documents above and other related documents. At the same time, to be responsible for notifying those production facilities so that they have suitable production plan and oriented career change in time to capture this route.

- To build the specific plan to perform this route well as per Plan No.2155/KH-UBND of  President of People ‘s Committee of  Bac Giang province. Besides, report the performing result to Department of Construction prior to April, 15th, 2015.