“Our concept is that an excellent business is not only enrich themselves but also contribute to solve the social and human problems. The biggest problem we are facing now is the environmental and climate matter. Thus, providing environmentally friendly products that can be recycled to protect environment and climate is a target of many developed countries companies as well as VMMT. VMMT always pursues the goal of creating Green products for all esteemed customers”.


Building VMMT to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of providing general solutions with high technology.

Concentrating on idea, investment consultancy, equipment supplying, construction and installation, operation transfer, supply production material and product export.


Established in 2009, VMMT has developed sustainably and created our own achievements based on the crystallization of principle values: Knowledge – Technology – Nature – People.

 “Crystallization of knowledge value” – The target of building a knowledge-intensive business which develops based on science and knowledge foundation.

“Crystallization of technology value” – The combination of advanced technology values with country’s potentials.

“Crystallization of nature value” – Towards Green products.

“Crystallization of human value ” – The VMMT strength is created not only from the internal human resources but also from the cooperation with partnership, domestic and foreign enterprises.

VMMT always aligns to develop the climate and environmentally friendly products which can be recycled. In addition to create our internal value and maximizing shareholders’ benefits, VMMT also wishes to contribute to the national prosperity and solve the social and human problems.